Sinaftin is effective in treating different types of mouth ulcers and other changes in the oral mucosa .

Occasional or common mouth ulcers

Recurrent canker sores:

Recurrent aphthous ulcers, chronic minor aphtosis , recurrent aphthous stomatitis , nutritional deficiencies,

Oral mucositis , consequent to chemotherapy or radiotherapy . Oral lichen planus (Lichen planus)

Aphthous diseases of viral origin and others:

major and herpetiform aphthous ulcerations , other aphthoid alterations of the oral mucosa systemic diseases such as Behcet's disease , primary immunodeficiency diseases and HIV infections), viral diseases with aphthoid lesions : Herpetic gingivostomatitis , foot-and-mouth disease , three-day fever , the primary infection with the herpes virus.

Small lesions of the oral mucosa: bite wounds, rubbing of prostheses , orthodontic appliances , adjunctive treatment of gingivitis or bleeding gums.

Sinaftin, what is it?

Sinaftin is a treatment that preserves the balance and good health of the oral mucosa .

It is effective for:

  • relieve pain,
  • Promote the healing of canker sores and other oral inflammations
  • Prevent recurrence.

Sinaftin was developed by the Dental-Therapeutics-AB laboratory in collaboration with the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Sinaftin is the result of many years of research. Its effectiveness is scientifically documented.

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