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A history of canker sores

Sinaftin's story begins in Sweden in the 1960s.

Professor Martin Brännström is a dentist and biological researcher. His work is revolutionizing the understanding of the mechanisms of dental pain. His publications quickly earned him international fame and prestigious scientific awards.
He founded a laboratory, Dental Therapeutics AB. It develops and finalizes a range of products that renew dentistry and are at the origin of modern dentistry. They are still widely used today around the world.

In the 1990s, Pr. Brännström launched a research project on recurrent canker sores, to help a member of his family suffering from a severe and disabling form of aphthous stomatitis. More arduous than expected, the work continued for 8 years, in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg and led at the beginning of 2000 to a new approach to the treatment of mouth ulcers, a treatment that is both preventive and curative: SINAFTIN

Sinaftin gives excellent results in relieving pain and accelerating wound healing. But where Sinaftin stands out is in its mode of use and its ability to prevent recurrence: used in background treatment, brushing instead of toothpaste, it can greatly reduce or even completely eliminate the canker sores.

Unfortunately, the death of Martin Brännström in 2001 delayed the commercial development of Sinaftin. Distributed initially in northern Europe, then for a few years in Germany, Sinaftin is now being rolled out in France and the rest of Europe.

About Sinaftin France

Sinaftin-France represents the Dental Therapeutics laboratory in France.
Its role is to work on 2 major axes:

  • Information for prescribing professionals; dentists, oncologists, supportive care associations (oral mucositis), pharmacies, dermatologists, etc.
  • Communication with the general public, through a dedicated website and social networks.

The team is made up of professionals from the dental sector, some of whom are personally concerned by the issues of recurrent mouth ulcers and mucositis.
Convinced by sometimes moving testimonials and by their personal experience of the astonishing effectiveness of Sinaftin, the members of our team are committed to working every day for the development of Sinaftin in France.
The Sinaftin-France team
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