Why in the form of toothpaste

Oral hygiene is essential for healthy teeth and mouth

Used daily as a toothpaste, Sinaftin makes it possible to set up a background treatment without risk of forgetting or additional constraint (taking medication, capsules or other).

Sinaftin preserves the hygiene of the mouth and reduces or eliminates the occurrence of canker sores attacks .

In case of severe inflammation, the mucous membranes are so irritated that simply brushing the teeth can become painful. Sinaftin is a very soft toothpaste, it allows the brushing of the teeth even in case of very irritated mucous membranes .

Composition of Sinaftin

Active components with unique properties .

The composition of Sinaftin is unique and patented . Its ingredients help relieve pain , promote healing , reduce the frequency and intensity of mouth ulcers and keep the mouth fresh and teeth healthy.

Sweet orange (citrus dulcis)

 Sweet orange essential oil has sedative and antiseptic properties. It forms a protective film around the mouth ulcer, protecting it from external stimuli and reducing the sensation of pain . The antimicrobial effect guards the mouth ulcer from bacterial attacks.

Licorice (glycyrrhiza glabra)

Licorice has powerful natural medicinal properties.

This medicinal plant has many medical indications: Anti-viral, anti_allergic, protection of the respiratory system, etc.

Its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties soothe the inflammation of the tissues and promote the healing of the mucous membranes.


Xylitol is a natural sugar , it is extracted mainly from birch bark.

Xylitol is known to be acariogenic ( prevents the development of cavities and prevents their appearance). In addition, recent studies have shown its ability to re-mineralize teeth.

. Fluorine

Fluor promotes the remineralization of enamel and improves its resistance to acidity (acidity caused by bacteria and responsible for the demineralization of enamel).

Fluoride allows the formation of an enamel layer less sensitive to acid attacks that induce cavities.

Xylitol prevents the formation of cavities by preventing the transformation of sugars into acid by bacteria naturally present in the mouth.

In addition, its action of remineralizing dentin and stopping the progression of caries.

Sinaftin does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium dodecyl sulfate.

These chemical compounds used as a foaming agent, present in most toothpastes, play a proven role in the appearance of recurrent canker sores and in the irritation of the mucous membranes.

Sinaftin is a menthol-free toothpaste. Menthol can amplify the pain associated with canker sores.

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