Conclusions of a study on Sinaftin:
Sinaftin can be used as a treatment for people suffering from recurrent aphthous ulcers, in particular because of the absence of observed side effects and its ease of implementation, brushing your teeth as part of daily habits.
Pr Mats Jontell, Dept of Endodontics, University of Gothenburg

Sinaftin, due to its composition and ease of administration, is the ideal treatment to significantly reduce, or even eliminate in most cases, aphthous ulcers.
Dr. Manfred Louis, Dentist, Lansur

I admit to being interested in innovations although approaching them with skepticism: I can report the following individual case:
A patient suffering from aphtosis so disabling that he was unable to work and treated with Colchicine*.
After 4 weeks of using Sinaftin, symptoms disappeared. No recurrence.
Dr Karl Richard Dent. Lindschein

* (Editor's note) Treatment with strong toxicity used in particular against gout and in the treatment of cancer.

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