Ladies and gentlemen
During an umpteenth search on the internet for my son's canker sores, I came across your site. We've tried everything from tea tree essential oil to hyaluronic gels to various toothpastes. So I ordered without much hope a small tube of Sinaftin.
My son started immediately and two days later he was delighted: "Mom, it's doing something"
I'm really grateful to you....
Michaela P., Velbert

My thank! Since I use Sinaftin regularly, I no longer have a single mouth ulcer! Before, I had tried many treatments which had not brought me any relief. I have already recommended Sinaftin.
Michael H., Bonn

I want to congratulate the Sinaftin team! I was advised competently and very kindly. Sinaftin helps me a lot! The pain decreases quickly and the mouth ulcers disappear more quickly. I only use that when I have it again.
Peter L., Dortmund

Sinaftin is a treatment for canker sores that we can only recommend. I have already tried many other products, which however did not bring the desired relief from acute pain.
Lydia N., Stralsund

Even if Sinaftin is quite expensive, I wouldn't do without it. I haven't had a single canker sore for a year. Also I have always had problems with sensitive teeth and/or gums. And that too has improved a lot.
Anja E., Munich

Ladies and gentlemen,
Having suffered for several years from chronic mouth ulcers and inflammation of the oral mucosa (...), I came across your site during an Internet search.
Considering your presentation with skepticism, the result of various negative experiences, analyzes (...), consultations with general practitioners and specialists (...) unable to advise me or identify the cause of my mouth ulcers, cures of calcium, zinc,... all without result, nor anything lasting.
The small tube of Sinaftin ordered arrived on 06/23/2009. The inflamed areas of the tongue were immediately treated by direct application of Sinaftin, additionally starting to use it as a toothpaste after meals.
At first no reaction, but after about 24 hours, a significant improvement was observed: the inflamed areas, where the flesh was practically raw, were much less sensitive. With relief to eat and speak. As of today, June 27, a great healing process is being observed, which I hope will continue.
I am already grateful for these results and will keep you informed of further progress.
Gerhard H., Bergisch-Gladbach

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